Church Scheduling will redefine and refine the way your organization conducts successful events.

Feature Summary

  • Automatically generates event dates
  • Automatically assigns volunteers to positions based on availability and scheduling rules
  • Automatically sends out email/text reminders to volunteers
  • Automatically finds substitutes when volunteers decline assignments via web/sms (text messaging)

volunteer is a  web-based volunteer scheduling application that automatically generates volunteer schedules by allowing organizers and volunteers to set scheduling rules and preferences.

Volunteer schedule management is often very tedious. Keeping up with schedules in spreadsheets or text documents on personal computers is not very efficient and does not allow for much collaboration.

Additionally, some of the existing scheduling applications tend to be cumbersome to use and require a lot of manual effort on a regular basis.


One of the main reasons most people do not volunteer is because they are concerned with having enough time to dedicate to their organization(s).

After all, no one wants to constantly have to decline volunteer assignments or give a long list of scheduling preferences for organizers to adhere to.

The church scheduling application has been designed to make it easier for people to volunteer by allowing them to have some control over their schedules (i.e. how often to be scheduled within a given period, preferred events/services to serve in, being scheduled together or apart, etc.).


The application has been developed to completely automate the volunteer scheduling process. The best part is, organizers/administrators will be able to concentrate their time on their specific ministries instead of managing volunteer schedules and preferences. automatically creates schedules, assigns volunteers, and notifies the volunteers several days before assignment dates. 
Furthermore, the application also automatically processes volunteer declined assignments and finds the next eligible volunteer to fill the open spot. 
The application contains many useful features and we continue to add more based on feedback from our users.