The church scheduling application has been packed with very powerful and useful features.
After the initial setup, the application has been designed to practically run itself.
Additionally features are added regularly based on customer feedback.


Features List

The church scheduling application manages volunteer shifts automatically without having to login and click any buttons.

    • automatically generate schedule dates
    • automatically assign volunteers to open assignments based on scheduling rules and availability
    • automatically send sms/email reminders to volunteers
    • automatically process volunteer sms responses when volunteers respond with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’
    • automatically find substitutes when volunteers decline via sms message or email link
    • automatically send assignment reports to volunteers
    • automatically decline user assignments if there is no response in a given period
    • automatically convert a Workgroup to be “Sign-up only” if the system cannot find any available volunteers
    • allow volunteers to specify convenient assignment dates/times, scheduling rules, etc.
    • volunteers can swap assignments with other volunteers who have the same skills
    • send regular reports to group/team planners to keep them updated on volunteer status
    • send sms/email to specific volunteers (by roles/permissions, workgroup or scheduled event)
    • send inspirational scripture with each reminder email

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