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Getting Started – for Volunteers

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To get started please follow the steps below:

  • Create an account for application by clicking on the “User Registration” link
    – Fill out and submit the Registration form
  • Join your Organization

    After confirming registration, log in to the application and click on the “Join an existing Organization” section

  • enter part of the name of your organization and click on the search button
  • the search should return a list of organization names that match your search criteria
  • select the appropriate organization; if your organization is not listed, please check with your location administrator
  • After selecting your organization, enter a reason for joining the (an admin will need to approve your submission)
  • once an admin has approved your submission, you will be ready to enter your availability and scheduling preferences
  • you will now be able to select your preferred activities/services, update your availability, and set scheduling rules
  • additionally, you will also be able to receive text notifications when you are scheduled (*save your mobile number for this feature to work)
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