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Volunteer Notification Schedule

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Below is a schedule of the periods and situations that send notifications to volunteers.


  • weekly – consolidated email of all upcoming assignments within the upcoming 4 week period for a specific location.
  • 3 days before event – email listing the other volunteers serving in upcoming instance workgroup (only sent if there are more multiple persons in the group).
  • On demand – email of a substitution assignment.
  • On demand – email of assignment removal (only sent if instance date is within 7 days of current date).


  • 5 days before event – text reminder for upcoming assignment.
    If volunteer has not previously accepted or confirmed, the text will request a response of yes/no + id.
    If volunteer has already confirmed, the text will simply be a reminder that the assignment is upcoming.
  • On demand – text alert of a substitution assignment (only sent if instance date is within 7 days of current date).

*NOTE: mobile number must be registered in order to receive text alerts. SMS texts are only available in USA and Canada

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