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Add Activity (Service or Event)

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To get started please follow the steps below:

  • Select Activities/Events from the Home page
  • Click on Create new Activity
  • Enter Activity/Event name, description, and duration
  • Confirm Activity details
    * keep the Auto-Schedule option set to disabled until all settings are complete.
  • Create workgroups with specific skills
    * when creating workgroups, you can set the rules for each workgroup.
    * additional rules can also be set for each volunteer by editing the volunteer’s preferences
    Setup recurrence
    Enter recurrence details
    * please note: The Start Date must correspond to the day of the week selected
    * so for instance, if you set the day of the week to Sunday, the Start Date must fall on a Sunday
    Add advanced options (if necessary)
  • Manually add instance dates (Optional)
    * the auto scheduler will automatically add Instance dates when enabled and a recurrence is added
  • Once workgroups have been created and the recurrence has been set, go back to Details section and enable Auto-Schedule option
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