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By support@churchscheduling.com on October 22, 2016 in blog
ChurchScheduling.com is passionate when it comes to volunteers.
It truly takes special hearts to give time and effort for the sake of others. We are honored to have a small role in helping those people to manage their time.
While many of our organizations make full use of the automation features, some are more comfortable with us generating the dates while they manually update/assign volunteers to assignments. We have built the tool to be flexible enough for both options or even a combination of the two.
We are very purposeful about making volunteering and volunteer management easier and more appealing.
Our hope is that organizations who use this tool will be able to attract more new volunteers and retain existing volunteers due to the myriad of flexible features available.
Volunteers give their time and effort to make events successful; our hope is that the churchscheduling application gives them some flexibility to easily balance life events with volunteer work.
We are working hard to add new helpful features that will make the scheduling process easier and more efficient.
Most of our updates are the result of feedback from our users.
Our goal is to continue to provide innovative tools that help to automate some of the manual tasks in volunteer scheduling.
Happy volunteers = successful events.
The system automatically schedules, substitutes and sends reminders to many volunteers and admins each week.
We are very thankful for all the organizations supporting this initiative by using the app and also donating to our organization.
Many thanks to all those who help to keep this tool active;  thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

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