November 2015 updates

By on November 5, 2015 in updates
  • Confirm/Decline directly from email  – we have added the ability to confirm or decline assignments directly from the email reminder messages.
    • This option allows users to respond to assignments without having to log into the application.
      • We are hoping this will lead to increased responses from users.
      • On average, we are seeing about 45-50% response rate so we hope that number increases across all organizations with this new feature.
  • View user response method – admins are now able to see how each user is responding to assignments by visiting that user’s assignment page or hovering over the green check mark next to the user’s name on the ‘Manage Schedules’ page.
  • New user scheduling rule – a new rule option has been added to the user scheduling preferences. This rule allows users to specify how often they want to be scheduled in specific workgroups within a specific time period.
    • Never schedule me more than x time(s) within y day(s) for Workgroup z

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