Availability flexibility and new scheduling rule for skill level

By support@churchscheduling.com on September 28, 2015 in updates

Below are the latest features added to the volunteer scheduling app at churchscheduling.com:


  •  Workgroup rule to consider skill level when scheduling  – we have added the ability to consider a volunteer’s skill level when scheduling.
    • This option is available in Workgroup rules/preferences.
      • This rule was created to allow admins the flexibility to schedule volunteers based on their skill level. With this rule, volunteers are more likely to be scheduled if they have a higher skill level.
  • Person summary page – The person summary page was created to allow admins to have a general view of all volunteers. The page displays the skills of each volunteer and all workgroups the volunteers are eligible to be scheduled for.
  • Availability rule flexibility – volunteer availability rules now have a lot more flexibility. Volunteers can now set availability rules specifically for Activities, Workgroups, and Skills. For example, volunteers can now set rules to be unavailable on the 1st Sunday of each month for workgroup ‘Greeters’.

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