June updates

By support@churchscheduling.com on June 14, 2016 in updates
A few new features have been added to the churchscheduling.com application.
  • Advertise Sign-Up only Workgroups dates  – we have added the ability to automatically advertise openings to users with the same skill as the Workgroup.
    • Users will have the ability to control how often they receive the consolidated email of open assignments (via the profile notifications tab).
    • Users will have the option to sign up for assignments directly from the email messages (no login will be required).
    • This option is only available for Workgroups that are marked as “Sign up Only”.
      • We are hoping this will give admins more options on how to request for users to sign up for open assignments.
  • Convert auto-scheduled Workgroups to be Sign up only – admins can now configure auto-scheduled Workgroups to be setup as Sign-up only when the system runs out of options for scheduling users.
    • The conversion will only take place if the system is not able to find available users.
    • The conversion will only take place if a Instance Workgroup cannot be filled. The subsequent Instance Workgroups will continue to be auto-scheduled until a similar scenario occurs.

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