auto-scheduler completion notification, disable all notifications

By on March 30, 2015 in updates
  • Notification of auto-scheduler completion – we have added the ability to get notified whenever the auto-scheduler adds an instance date and assigns users to the created instance workgroups.
    This option is available at the Location, Activity and Workgroup levels.
    Location Admins will get a summary of all Activity Instances that have been created. (found on ‘Manage Location’ page)
    Activity Admins will get a summary of all Instance Workgroups that have been created. (found on ‘Edit Activity’ page)
    Workgroup Admins will get a summary of the total number of persons scheduled for each Instance Workgroup. (found on ‘Edit Workgroup’ page)
  • Disable all Reminders/Notifications – Location Admins now have the option to disable all Alerts, Notifications/Reminders that are sent to volunteers.
    This feature is especially helpful for new organizations that want to try out the application before committing their scheduling to it.(the ‘Enable Reminders’ option can be found on the ‘Manage Location’ page).

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