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By on February 20, 2015 in updates

  • View Assignment Swaps – currently, volunteers are able to swap assignments with each other using this app. We have now added more visibility for admins to view swap events at a glance on the ‘Manage Schedules’ page..
    This option now allows admins to gain more visibility into swap requests
  • Schedule Consolidated View – locations that have enabled the feature to allow all users to see all schedules now have a ‘consolidated view’ to see all assignments in one view.
    Non-admin users will now be able to use the ‘Manage Schedules’ page without any options to make changes.
  • Allow Scheduling Overlap – although the system is setup to never schedule 1 person in 2 groups during a specific Service/Event, admins can now setup Workgroups to allow for overlapping schedules.
  • New Workgroup Rule – a new rule option (rule #9) has been added to Workgroups to allow admins to specify if persons scheduled in an Activity Workgroup should not be scheduled for another Activity Workgroup.
    For example, when possible, if Person A is scheduled in Service 1 Ushers, do not schedule Person A in Service 2 Greeters.
  • Preferred Activities/Workgroups – location admins can now choose to allow users to modify preferred Activities and Workgroups.
  • SMS response messages – currently, admins in the U.S and Canada are able to send out sms alerts/messages from the ‘Messaging Center’.
    Until now users have not been able to respond to the custom messages however, we have added logic to allow users to respond to custom messages (system commands/keywords must be avoided in the responses).

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